GDD Staff

Meet the Team

A chocolate Labrador with a baby blue tie. Text reads "Professor Alex. Dean of Canine Studies"
A photo of a silver standard poodle in a pink bonnet. Text reads Penny The Poodle, PhD. (Pretty Happy Dog)

The People Behind
the Pups

Executive Director

Robert Maher, Executive Director

Operations Team

Andrew Gartland; Director of Human Resources and Finance

Training Team

Michal Anna Padilla, Director of Training
Kelsi McCausland; Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Shaylynn Elenburg; Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Kelsey Stephenson; Orientation & Mobility Specialist / Apprentice Instructor
Emily Goodland; O&M Specialist & Licensed GDMI

Kennel Team

Heather Stevens Kennel Supervisor
Dani Alejandre, Kennel Technician
Michael Amador, Kennel Technician
Denna Walker, Kennel Technician
Selena Loera; Kennel Technician

Medical Care & Canine Development

Angel Coleman; Director of Medical Care and Canine Development
Lynette Solorzono; Puppy Trainer
Priscilla Martinez; Vet Assistant
Carmen Buelna; Vet Assistant

Student Services

Caryn Gates; Director of Admissions & Student Services
Justin Cancel; Admissions & Student Services Associate
Danielle Hale; and black lab Guide Dog Kenny. Alumni & Community Relations Specialist


Tom Tarr; Development Director
Lisa Morand Volunteer Coordinator
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