GDD Staff

Meet the Team

A chocolate Labrador with a baby blue tie. Text reads "Professor Alex. Dean of Canine Studies"
A photo of a silver standard poodle in a pink bonnet. Text reads Penny The Poodle, PhD. (Pretty Happy Dog)

The People Behind
the Pups

Executive Director

Robert Maher, Executive Director

Operations Team

Training Team

Michal Anna Padilla, Director of Training
Kelsi McCausland; Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Shaylynn Elenburg; Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
Kelsey Stephenson; Orientation & Mobility Specialist / Apprentice Instructor
Emily Goodland; O&M Specialist & Licensed GDMI

Kennel Team

Heather Stevens Kennel Supervisor
Dani Alejandre, Kennel Technician
Michael Amador, Kennel Technician
Denna Walker, Kennel Technician

Medical Care & Canine Development

Angel Coleman; Director of Medical Care and Canine Development
Lynette Solorzono; Puppy Trainer
Priscilla Martinez; Vet Assistant
Carmen Buelna; Vet Assistant

Student Services

Caryn Gates; Director of Admissions & Student Services
Justin Cancel; Admissions & Student Services Associate
Danielle Hale; and black lab Guide Dog Kenny. Alumni & Community Relations Specialist


Lisa Morand Volunteer Coordinator
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