Powerful Paws Club

Become a member of the Powerful Paws Club with your monthly gift

a man is seated next to a black Labrador. The dog is wearing a guide dogs of the desert harness and has his face rested against the man's side, looking up at him with a toothy grin

Guide Dogs of the Desert’s Powerful Paws Club is a special group of individuals who commit to making a gift each month to help our puppies become Guide Dogs to hundreds of people with visual impairments. Because of these gifts, we are able to offer these life changing partnerships without cost to the people we serve.

With the Powerful Paws Club, you select the donation level that is comfortable for you. Dependable monthly income makes planning easier for you and for Guide Dogs of the Desert. The Powerful Paws Club promises to become a pillar of support for Guide Dogs of the Desert

Get in Touch

For more ways to give, get in touch with our team! You can complete the form below, or contact Executive Director, Robert Maher by  phone: 760-329-2370. 

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