Career Paths

Being a puppy raiser, a young pup comes into your home. Full of promise and ambition for whats to come. Your goal is to help them be the best pup that they can be

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs are service animals, trained to assist people who are blind and visually impaired. They help a person who is blind by navigating obstacles, changes in elevation and more. Essentially, these dogs keep their handler safe throughout their daily routine.

Support K9s

Some dogs that are a part of our program want to do a job, but may not particularly love being a Guide Dog. And that's okay! That's why Guide Dogs of the Desert is proud to offer an alternative career path for these dogs. Support K9s are placed with law enforcement, emergency response agencies or community organizations in order to provide the gentle, loving support that only a dog can offer.

Do you have questions about the kind of work our dogs can do? Feel free to let us know, or use the menus above to learn more!

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