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Air Travel

1. The United States Department of Transportation has provided regulations regarding documentation necessary for service animals prior to air travel.
-US DOT Service Animal Air Carrier Form (PDF version)
-US DOT Service Animal Air Carrier Form (Microsoft Word version)  

2. The Service Animal Relief Attestation Form is required for single flights with an eight hour duration or longer.
-US DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form (PDF version)
-US DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form (Microsoft Word version)

  3. Below is a link to the US Department of Agriculture, which provides a searchable list of import/export requirements for international travel.
-International Travel *Rules, Regulations and Requirements  

4. If you and your Guide Dog experience any concerns regarding equitable access during air travel, you can use the link below to report a concern to the Department of Transportation.
-US DOT: Reporting a Concern

  5. TSA Cares is a passenger support program available for people with disabilities. Use the link below for information about the program, or to request assistance
-TSA Cares

Medical Care Assistance

1. Guide Dogs of the Desert offers a Veterinary Exam Fund to alumni current on annual documentation.
-Learn more here.

2. Pet insurance options can be a bit overwhelming. To narrow it down, this list contains the key benefit of the top 10 providers.
-Read about insurance 

3. PAWP is also a program like pet insurance, with a set emergency fund, and 24/7 access to chat, call or video conference with a vet. For anything from general questions to emergencies, get the info you need right away
-Learn about PAWP

4. Helping Hands 4 the Blind has recently received new funding to assist with Veterinary cost of service animals.
-Contact them

5. ScratchPay partners with a number of veterinary providers nationwide to offer an installment based payment plan for veterinary expenses.
-Check out ScratchPay

6. Vets recognize the need for payment plan arrangements. A new program called VetBilling allows vets to partner with a third party to offer a payment plan process.
-Find a vet near you  

Additional Care Assistance

1. ADSA: Assistance Dog Special Allowance Program is a resource available for California residents. This program provides $50 / month in assistance towards the care of a service animal.
-ASDA Program Information

2. Animal food banks and supply resources can also help if you have a need for assistance in providing these essentials for your dog.
-Search by Location 

3. Animal Poison Control is an important resource to have and be familiar with. When your dog consumes something, and you are unsure if it is dangerous, contacting them can help you make informed decisions about next steps.
-ASPCA Animal Poison Control

Americans with Disabilities Act

1. Knowing the laws that allow our dogs the right to be in public places helps make advocacy easy. Reference the ADA for legal details
-Read the ADA

2. There are always lots of questions surrounding the ADA. Help answer your questions or the questions of others.

3. If you encounter issues with Guide Dog access, you can report any concerns/complaints here
-File a Complaint

If you have questions about the ADA you can always contact our team here at Guide Dogs of the Desert or call the National ADA Information Line: 800-514-0301


1. Guide Dog Users Inc. is a network of peer support for Guide Dog users through the American Council for the Blind
-Learn about GDUI

2. National Association of Guide Dog Users is a network for Guide Dog handlers facilitated through the National Federation of the Blind
-Learn about NAGDU

3. American Federation for the Blind is a blindness consumer organization that offers advocacy surrounding multiple issues, including Guide Dogs.
-Learn about AFB

4. A group centered around advocacy for people with disabilities, the National Disability Rights Network has an array of opportunities to get involved in educating and supporting the community.
-National Disability Rights Network 

5. Guide Dog users convene in multiple ways throughout social media. One of these is the Guide Dog Handler's Network, a Facebook group for Guide Dog users around the world
-Join the group


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