Our Staff

Guide Dogs Alex the Dean

Professor Alex, Dean of Canine Studies

Alex was hand-selected by our Training Department to be the Dean of Canine Studies,  helping socialize young puppies and teaching them the fundamental manners essential for Guide Work (read more)

Guide Dogs Penny PHD

Penny Poodle, Ph.D. (Pretty Happy Dog)

Penny Poodle, Ph.D. is one of our doggy moms at Guide Dogs of the Desert. Penny has had two puppies of her own that are now in our Puppy Raising program and are both on their way to becoming Guide Dogs! (read more)

The People Behind the Puppies

Executive Director

Tricia Gehrlein

Management Team

Ellen Jeffery

Director of Operations

Jennifer Heggie

Director of Development

Angel Coleman

Director of Canine Development/Medical

Michal Anna Padilla

Director of Training

Timothy Hindman

Director of Student Services

Training Team

Administrative Team

Canine Development Team

Mindy Romero

Licensed GDMI

Emily Goodland

O&M Specialist & Licensed GDMI

Kelsi McCausland

Apprentice Instructor

Robin Espinosa

Puppy Trainer

Courtney Romanski

Marketing and Event Coordinator

Sabrina Valdez

Office Manager

James Swinney

Facilities Technician

Melissa Hempel

Student Services Assistant

Ryan Fox

Peer Support Associate

Rebekah Reyes

Veterinary Assistant

Ashley Black

Veterinary Assistant

Maylee Garcia

Canine Development Supervisor

Nancy Pilkington

Canine Development Assistant

Jessica Black

Canine Development Technician

Lux Hunsinger

Canine Development Technician

Serena White

Canine Development Technician

Lindsey Bickford

Canine Development Technician

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

Berger Foundation
The Auen Foundation

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