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What is a Breeder Host?

Host the Future of GDD

Breeder hosts provide the love and care for a dog in our breeding program. Offering a safe & secure home setting, to allow them the comforts of home  when they are not with us here at Guide Dogs of the Desert. 

Breeder hosts are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to the dogs in our breeding program. These dogs are the best of the best, and have been selected to bring future generations of Guide Dogs to GDD. Guide Dogs of the Desert conducts extensive evaluations both medically and behaviorally, to identify the strongest candidates to carry on the GDD liniage.

What does a Breeder Host do?

Breeder Hosts provide a safe, caring and loving home for the dogs selected to continue the generations of Guide Dogs.

Breeder Hosts maintain the obedience training these dogs have received, ensure they get exercise and daily needs met.

We do ask that a quarterly report be completed to help us stay informed on the dog’s overall wellbeing. Breeder Hosts do bring dogs to the Guide Dogs of the Desert campus when they are needed.

How does Guide Dogs of the Desert support Breeder Hosts?

Aside from being available for questions or concerns, Guide Dogs of the Desert provides for all medical expenses while the dog is in our program. Grooming needs are also addressed, on a pre-scheduled basis.

GDD also provides hosts with information, instructions and resources to prepare them with the knowledge of what types of care a breeder dog needs. Guide Dogs of the Desert is passionate about providing the level of care necessary to help these dogs thrive.

You can be a part of future Guide Dog generations.
With your support, these dogs can continue a legacy of success.
We invite you to join us on this journey; impacting lives now & for years to come.
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